For his first full-length album, András Ádám Horvath, the Budapest-based rock guitarist/producer took nearly all of his inspirations in music ranging from classical through jazz and ambient to metal. Although he plays in several tracks, ‘Transparent’ is not about his virtuoso guitar techniques and his initial instrument is just one colour in a really bright palette, but he composed string quartets, symphonic jazz-fusion pieces and post-rock ballads instead, just to name a few.

He gathered some talented musicians from all around the style spectrum so the featuring 7 compositions are so diverse that each of them are journeys to a different musical universe.
If you mix these unique and varied ingredients together, you can describe what the album ‘TRANSPARENT’ is all about.

Unsurprisingly it’s quite challenging to pick a genre or target audience, so let’s just say, this music is for the ones with open minds and open souls: a musical journey on a road built from many different colourful stones where composer and its audience can take their first steps together.