Before releasing his first full-length solo album, ‘Transparent’ Andras decided to make a few songs available as ‘Transparent – Singles’.
In May-June 2017 he releases the first three songs of the album as individual songs week-by-week.
The titles are:
‘Reel’ – a minimalistic string quintet chamber piece with a floating cinematic atmosphere
‘Paradigm (Gates Open)’ – the epic 10-minute long symphonic progressive rock composition with a hint of jazz, which is the most monumental piece of the album and
‘Sweet Enemies’ the ethereal, elegant pop ballad with crystal clear vocals and simple, teardrop-like clean guitar sounds, aerial arrangements and a heartbreaking guitar solo which drifts on the waves of a 30-piece orchestra.

Although this three songs are sonically diverse, they truly represents the contrasting layers and the intense emotional arc of Andras Adam Horvath’s forthcoming LP: ‘Transparent’.

Credits: composer, arranger, producer, guitarist
Label: self-released
Relase date: 30th May, 6th June, 20th June, 2017.